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GM Quality Sorting Oshawa
Quality Inspection Oshawa
GM Inspection Oshawa

We Get It Right…The First Time!


The Greeley quality management system is based on and demonstrates superior quality principles such as leadership, customer focus, continual improvement, involvement of employees, mutually beneficial supplier relationships, process focus, and ultimately decisions that are based on sound data.



Our Management Team, On-site Supervisors and Employees available 24/7 to support our Customer needs. All Greeley employees are aware of the relevance and importance of their individual activities and how they contribute to achieving Customer Quality Objectives.



Greeley has over 20 years experience in providing World Class service to every type of Customer from small individual component manufacturers to technically difficult Just In Time assemblies. We have the ability to meet your needs from incoming receiving through to finished final vehicle shipping and at any process step between.  Let us show you how working with Greeley is the most effective partnership to your corrective action needs.

Our Vision



Greeley Containment and Rework Inc. endeavours

to be the benchmark by which all other Inspection,

Rework and Sub Assembly companies are judged.

Quality Inspection Oshawa
to Final Vehicle
Inspection for GM
since 2004.
supplier for
Delphi reworks.
ESEP providers of
reworks and inspections
to GM & Tier 1 suppliers.

Greeley...We Are Your Reliable,
Low-cost Service Provider


We pride ourselves on quoting negotiable rates dependant on the services you require. From inspection to reworks to sub assemblies, we ensure quality; speed and efficiencies are constantly measured and monitored to guarantee costs that meet your needs. We are flexible and can quote Per Piece or Hourly, with short or long term contracts.
          We work hard to meet your specific needs and proactively put in place processes and procedures unique to each service required, thus ensuring the lowest costs to you.
Quality Inspection Oshawa, quality sorting Oshawa
sub assemblies
completed annually.
Over 3.6 million
vehicles inspected to date exclusively by Greeley.
Over 2 million
parts inspected and/or reworked annually.
ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certified, GM Inspection Oshawa

ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certified Since 2007


Greeley Containment & Rework Inc is the ONLY TS Certified provider in the Durham region.
          TS 16949 is the International Quality Management Standard specifically written by the Automotive Industry.  TS 16949 results in substantial improvements in all aspects of quality, delivery and overall efficiency, far exceeding ISO standards.

Services We Provide

Quality Inspection Oshawa
Greeley has been an approved quality third party containment and service provider to General Motors since 2004. We are experts in detecting and stopping the flow of non-conforming parts by the major OEM’s, General Motors, and Tier 1 and 2 suppliers.
Quality Inspection Oshawa

Final Vehicle Inspection

Greeley has been providing exclusive final vehicle inspection services to General Motors Oshawa since 2004 inspecting over 3 million vehicles. With our customized scanning and reporting technology, our teams have supported General Motors through 4 new vehicle launches, becoming experts in Batch and Hold and yard containment procedures.
Warehousing at Greeley, GM Quality Sorting Oshawa


With a capacity of 120,000 square feet, Greeley’s conveniently located warehouse is a perfect solution to your warehousing needs. Our professional materials team uses customized inventory management systems complete with scanning technology to ensure your product is tracked, stored, and shipped FIFO and efficiently.
Quality Inspection Oshawa

Customized Programs & Reporting

With an on-site programmer, Greeley can develop customized software applications to manage any facet of your requirements using the latest technology.


As a TS16949 certified company, our quality management system is based on superior quality principles.
        With over 5+ years of assembly experience, averaging over ½ million of sub assembled parts annually, we have the ability to complete technically difficult assemblies consisting of multiple components.

Rework & Repairs

Greeley is the preferred rework company with a proven record of quickly and accurately reworking and repairing non-conforming material.
         Throughout our 20+ years of experience, Greeley has become experts in reworking and repairing all parts. We are the preferred company chosen by General Motors and Suppliers to rework complex parts, such as harnesses. We have the expertise required to complete numerous technical reworks and repairs.


We are able to efficiently repack components to maximize cost savings for our customers while maintaining the integrity of the components.
          We take advantage of our technical expertise by electronically managing inventory from inbound to outboard shipments. Greeley repacks millions of parts annually.


Greeley sequences three quarters of a million parts per year direct to Tier 1 Suppliers. We use advanced infrastructure for error proofing and part traceability, thus ensuring we deliver the right part, in the right sequence, in the right timeframe.

Quality Inspection/Sorting

As an official ESEP provider of General Motors Canada since 1994, and approved by many other Tier Level Suppliers, we are experts in detecting and stopping the flow of non-conforming parts.
          We are able to quickly mobilize our teams in order to minimize disruptions to the production line and saving our Customers time and money. With 24 hour operations, we are able to complete inspections inside your facility, at your customer’s location, and/or at our conveniently located warehouse facility.


With a team of reliable and dedicated truck drivers, Greeley completes thousands of just-in-time deliveries annually. Our drivers have the capability of making deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Quality Inspection Oshawa
Quality Inspection Oshawa
GM Inspection Oshawa
GM Quality Sorting Oshawa,
Quality Inspection Oshawa,
GM Inspection Oshawa
GM Inspection Oshawa
GM Quality Sorting Oshawa
GM Inspection Oshawa
GM Quality Sorting Oshawa
GM Quality Sorting Oshawa

Your Greeley Team

Neil Clark  - President

Neil has been the owner of Greeley for over 20 years and is married to Linda for over 40 years, has three sons and two grandchildren. Greeley is named after his father-in-law, Mr Bernard John Greeley.
          A philosophy of “building bridges” and not burning them has resulted in long term relationships over the last 25 years. Neil is very appreciative of the team and has the philosophy to empower them, educate and promote within. This has resulted in long term loyal employees.
           The difference between “just okay and GREELEY GREAT” is the Greeley team, going the extra yard to make a mile of difference.
           Neil relaxes by golfing, shooting billiards and playing poker.
Neil Clark of Greeley Containment and Rework, GM Quality Sorting Oshawa
Brenda Kelly of Greeley Containment and Rework, Quality Inspection Oshawa

Brenda Kelly - Vice President

Brenda has been a member of the Greeley team for over 10 years.  She is a seasoned executive with over 25 years' experience in management, lean manufacturing, customer service, error proofing and software development. She has worked for companies in New Zealand, Australia, England, United States and Canada. With her international experience, Brenda involves herself in all facets of the business, implementing strategies to improve processes and procedures continually.  She supports these initiatives by developing software applications to administer them.
          As a native to New Zealand and resident of Australia, Brenda and her family enjoy their visits down under.

Cindy Sullivan - Quality Manager

Cindy has been the Quality Manager at Greeley for the past 3 years.  Throughout her career Cindy has worked with numerous Tier 1 and Automotive Suppliers in the Durham Region developing and implementing quality solutions.  Cindy brings a wealth of experience in Quality Auditing, Supplier Quality, Program Management and Environmental Management.
            When Cindy is not working she finds pleasure spending time with family and friends at the cottage.
Cindy Sullivan of Greeley Containment and Rework, GM Quality Sorting Oshawa

Sue Woods  - Production Manager

Sue has been with Greeley since 2006 and started her career as a Production employee. Over the years Sue has proven herself to be an asset through her hard work, integrity and dedication. She has moved up the ranks of our organization to Production Manager.
             Sue is a key member of our team, willing to take on any task, support her team members and learn the most complex of projects. Sue’s hands’ on experience qualifies her as an exemplary member of the Management Team.
             Sue enjoys reading a good book on her time off.

Ashley Hartwick  - Off Site Manager

Ashley has been working within the Automotive Industry for over 12 years and has worked with Greeley for 8 of those as a Supervisor.  With Ashley’s extensive knowledge of all GM locations, their processes and procedures she brings considerable experience to support our business Off Site. In addition, Ashley has managed our Final Vehicle Operation and has been the Project Manager for all Batch and Hold requirements.
             Ashley’s favourite pastimes include golfing, weekends at the cottage and spending time with her family.
GM Quality Sorting Oshawa,
Quality Inspection Oshawa,
GM Inspection Oshawa

Ed Van Oostenbrugge  - Facilities / Purchasing Manager

Ed has been a member of the Greeley Team for over 12 years. 
He has more than 30 years experience in working in numerous areas of tooling, machinery and manufacturing throughout Canada, the USA and Europe.  Ed has developed innovative solutions for simplifying tooling and reworks.  He has a broad knowledge of the automotive and manufacturing industries.  Ed is continuously researching inventive ways to support reworks and specialty products of all kinds.
           Ed finds enjoyment working on his hobby farm where he raises chickens.

Sophie Spencer  - Accounting Manager

Sophie Spencer has been the Accounting Manager at Greeley for the past 6 years.  She has over 26 years experience working in the Accounting profession.  Sophie has worked in an array of industries over her career.  Sophie is responsible for all financial aspects of accounting including year end reports, treasury and auditing.  Sophie has extensive knowledge of Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable, Collections and management, Preparation of monthly financial statements and managing the corporations’ cash flow.
             Sophie takes pleasure in spending the summers at her trailer and her winters travelling with her family.
Sophie Spencer of Greeley Containment and Rework, GM Quality Sorting Oshawa
Full Time Staff.
sq ft Warehouse.
Years Experience.


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